KATA Lean Tools Platform – RED TAGS

Lets start with 5S. Imagine big teams working on the 1S. Everybody RED TAGGING the production, writting notes, making photos. Later transfering to excel…

Stop there! Imagine now everybody using KATA for RED TAGS :). 


KATA is now supporting RED TAGS. Digital archive of all red tagged items, with photos, descriptions, locations, quantitys, values and more.

Lets digitalize and at same time empower people.
Lets be more efficient in our approach while beeing Lean.

KATA Lean Tools Platform – AM (autonomous maintenance), PM (preventive maintenance)

What if you could scan a QR code from your machine and immediately receive maintance standard

Not just any, but the correct one according to service history, for that day! 

-> Don’t ever miss daily-weekly-monthly maintenance tasks. 
-> Automatically generate machine service book. 
-> Take an fast calendar view of all services and problems, and more…

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This is how we do it!

KATA Web based platform for Lean Tools now supporting TPM – AM (autonomous maintenance), PM (preventive maintenance).

KATA Training Module

Our new module allows admins to create Training Standards. It is possible to assign to Users and let them Digital Sign after completing. As result, give them your score as their Skill level and use this information later in other KATA modules.


In this strong time, we haven’t stopped learning or working.

COILS 3DPRO - Web Platform
Heat Exchanger with waterdrop eliminator

Our new COILS 3DPRO web platform allows easy integration with any data source, such as web service or just simple json file. With it extend inital coils data calculated by any software and just push a button for the 3D parametric model, production documentation etc. :).