Day of best practice 2019 – October

C4SE will take part as speaker at the Day’s of best practice held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Covered topic: “Challenges for the transition of SMEs to Industry 4.0 with the goal of increasing the efficiency of existing processes and upgrading the business model”. Our target is to question how ready companies really are for the transition, to suggest our approach including People in the center of the transition and Lean Manufacturing. All covered with Lean Tools – 5S and SMED and implemented by KATA (Lean Tools Software).

For more information click on this link.

ADN (AutoDesk Developer Network)

Our 3DPRO software wouldn’t be complete without a strong modelling engine processing behind the scene all what is needed. Starting from the 3D assembly till all needed production drawings and different export formats.

All of this lead us to join ADN to have professional support and news about the future of 3D, specially in combination with the growing cloud business. Thanks ADN for accepting and recognizing our projects.

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)

Considering years of experience in cloud computing and having our in house web applications based on MS technology we have joined MPN in order to further extend our know how and to have additional professional support to help us with new software challenges.